Digicel Play beams Hunters games into every home in PNG

With new satellite technology now delivering TVWAN to every part of PNG, everybody had the potential to watch the SP Hunters take on the Redcliffe Dolphins on Sunday, May 1.

Digicel Play’s advanced technology and multiple camera interaction continues to capture the excitement of the game providing people at home with the entire close up action. 

The Digicel Play broadcasting team has extensive experience having broadcasted all Hunters home games, Digicel Cup matches and some major international day and night matches, including the live telecast of the 2016 SP Export Radler PNG Open last weekend at the Royal Port Moresby Golf Club. 

Digicel Play Head of News, Sport and Production, Eggert Gunnarsson, said Digicel Play continues to challenge the operations of live broadcasting. 

“We have two cameras high above the stadium which transmit images to the control room for broadcasting to our headquarters at Gordons, from which it is transmitted to all over PNG,” he said.

“We have also built camera platforms at either end of the stadium behind the stands that transmit footage from behind the goal posts. 

“As it is all live there is very little room for error.  We need to be ready to be on air at a certain time and then everything has to be in place.

“This is PNG’s first class rugby league and the broadcasting of it is on par with other games in the Intrust Super Cup,” he said.

The National Football Stadium has been constructed to cater to those who watch the games live and at home.  

“The great partnership between the venue management and TVWAN has allowed us to continue to provide the best telecast of games to all of PNG,” said Gunnarsson. 

“The PNGRFL has a great relationship with Digicel Play with the support from PNGRFL CEO Bob Cutmore continues to allow us good access to the games and players so that PNG can enjoy the sport.

“Digicel Play is committed to the investment that the broadcast provides to get world class televised programs to PNG and the operations of the telecast are locally produced and directed by my very talented team.” 

“We love it when PNG comes out to the games to support their teams but if they cannot it is good to know they can enjoy it at home and support the Hunters.”

Digicel Play’s TVWAN network with Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and satellite technology allows Direct-To-Home (DTH) broadcast providing 100% coverage of rugby league for the people of PNG. The Hunters matches are televised live on TVWAN Action.

Photo: Digicel Play Head of News, Sport and Production, Eggert Gunnarsson, with TVWAN cameraman Joe  Sabath at the National Football Stadium.

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