BbP receives surprise donations

The Namba Wan Trophy Ltd group recently made a surprise donation to the Buk Bilong Pikinini as part of its ongoing support over the years.

BbP is an independent based charity in Port Moresby that aims to foster a life-long love for reading, learning, and increasing literacy rates and empowering vulnerable children.

The NWTL group supplied stationary to support BbP’s Literacy Week program for 2021.

Fonehaus Marketing Manager Shulei Andrew –Toguata presented two truckloads of boxes containing 8000 pencils, 500 ball pens, 900 rulers, 2900 exercise books, 700 backpacks and 2900 pencil cases valued at K40, 000.

The gifts will benefit the children in their educational programs, and support them after they graduate from the Buk Bilong Pikinini’s Early Childhood Education program in December 2021.


Carol Kidu