50 bales of rice for Kadovar

Trukai Industries has donated a ton of rice towards the Kadovar Disaster Appeal.

East Sepik Governor Allan Bird yesterday received the 50 bales of 1kg rice from Trukai's district sales marketing manager, Caspar Jeffrey.

The rice, as well as 200 cartons of bottled water, will be shipped out to Ruprup (Blup Blup) Island, where the Kadovar people have taken refuge.

The naval ship from the Lombrum Naval base in Manus has since been delivering relief supplies, and will do so again today.

Governor Bird will travel to Ruprup Island today (Jan 13) to see the distribution of the rest of the relief supplies.

Already, more than 3,900 litres of water was delivered to the people on Ruprup.

The supplies are for at least a month, as they work hard to relocate the Kadovar people to mainland Turubu, on the east coast of East Sepik.

It has been confirmed that 691 Kadovar islanders are now residing on Ruprup. 

However, they, as well as other islands in the Schouten group, face the risk of being victims to a possible explosion by Kadovar.

Meantime, there is need for scientific advice from the Rabaul Volcanology Observatory on the status of the erupting volcano as speculations rise over the level of danger it is at.

(East Sepik Governor Allan Bird, right, receiving the bales of rice yesterday) 

Salome Vincent