​New Bougainville school launched

Thursday (May 4) saw the launch of the fifth and final school built under an education grant through a tripartite partnership.

The partnership is between the Autonomous Bougainville Government Education Department, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Digicel PNG Foundation.

Beneficiaries included: Kepesia Primary School, Sipuru Primary School, Kavaranou Primary School, Mungkala PS  and Kekesu Primary School, impacting directly 400 students in this academic year alone.

The DFAT’s investment of K1.2 million saw 5 double classrooms built with a teachers’ office space in between, solar lights, escape doors, ramps to the classrooms to encourage inclusive education, and a water and sanitation program supported with ventilation improved pit toilets, bucket showers and 9000Ltr water tanks each.

Kekesu Primary School was the last to be launched today with hundreds present to witness the occasion.

DFAT First Secretary, Cameron Darragh thanked the ABG DOE for their shared vision to improve education facilities. He also marvelled the Foundation ability after witnessing some of the roads and mountains to the sites where the materials and the tanks was taken for the construction.

Autonomous Region of Bougainville Education Policy Officer, Lenga Ringin, said the classrooms built by Digicel Foundation were some of the best classrooms built in Bougainville.

“The classrooms are well planned, well built and suits the needs of the schools here in Bougainville,” Ringin said.

“We are very thankful to DFAT for providing the funding for the classroom and Digicel Foundation for the technicalities in making sure our classrooms are complete and that students are able to use the classrooms as soon as launching is done.”

Digicel PNG Foundation CEO, Beatrice Mahuru, said the Foundation is committed to bringing the best education facilities to the people and communities in rural, remote parts of Papua New Guinea because the Foundation believes that education is the single biggest opportunity we can give our children.

Providing student’s access to a strong, clean, conducive learning environments makes a marked difference for teachers to ensure learning goals are achieved and for students to aspire to reach their full potential.

“This tripartite partnership was the first of its kind for Digicel Foundation and we are proud to have completed the 5 education projects to scope, on time and within budget,” said Mahuru.

“We thank DFAT for awarding us this funding grant and we look forward to new opportunities to work with them in the future to contribute the development of our country.”

(The opening at Sipuru Primary School)

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