Proposed SME centre at border

An SME sector has been proposed to be established near the PNG-Indonesia Border.

Minister for Inter-Government Relations, Kevin Isifu, says the SME facility will be established once land is identified.

The Minister responsible for the Wutung Border Post in West Sepik says an international bus service and terminal have also been proposed.

The SME facility will accommodate locals at the border to sell their goods to visiting Indonesians.

“We will properly identify the area that they (SMEs) can be able to do their marketing. So the SME business will be relocated as soon as we find the land,” Isifu said.

The Minister said an international bus service and terminal is being planned from Vanimo to Wutung and into Indonesia.

“We are looking at setting up an international PMV Park to get ready for us to open the road access. All the line agencies are working on it.

“As soon as we have the facilities running we will now travel all the way from Vanimo to Avepura or where our PNG PMV Park is.”

The proposed facilities are part of the Government’s plans for a Special Economic Zone in West Sepik Province.

Part of the plan involves a new Vanimo Wharf and the Momase International Highway.

Cedric Patjole