NCSL launches new logo

The NASFUND Savings & Loan Society Limited (ncsl) officially unveiled its new look logo following the launching of its rebranding in Port Moresby.

The rebranding comes 17 years since the company’s establishment, becoming the largest savings & loans organization in the country.

After 17 years the original ncsl logo and brand was retired signifying the end of an era continued growth.

Chief Executive Officer, Vari Lahui, said the rebranding suits the changing times.

“Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, we will be witnessing the change of our corporate logo, adding a more modern touch to our brand. And given all we have done over the years; we feel that it needs a refreshing look.

Since 2003, ncsl has become the largest savings and loans company with a market share of 27%, with a membership base of 111,387.

With an overall vision to become an e-bank in PNG, ncsl is undertaking massive technological innovations to make services available to members as accessible as possible.
The rebranding captures this intention by the Board of ncsl.

“We are committed to providing our members convenient and affordable quality financial services and using the best technology that is available. And that is enshrined in the vision that we have.

“If we don’t dream big and we don’t set our sights high then we will have no purpose or a commitment to look forward too. But that is our aspiration, we want to become a bank, but not only your normal bank, we want to be a bank that concentrates on providing services using electronic channels to enhance the statement, the best E-Bank.

Bank of PNG Governor, Loi Bakani, congratulated ncsl on the rebranding.

The company is the first non-commercial bank and only savings & loans society to participate in the national payment switch called retail electronic payment system (REPS), launched in July 2019 by BPNG.

The Governor said smaller savings & loan societies are looking are bigger players like ncsl to lead the way in innovation as well as governance.

“We have gone through a lot of these society’s that failed because of lots of mismanagement and due to bad governance. So, showing leadership in this changing environment, that’s number one.

“And number two is that once you take on that leadership it takes you to another level and Papua New Guinea, we can move to grow yourself outside of the savings & loans society to be another entity. And the Central Bank has been very supportive and we will continue to support your growth going forward,” said Governor Bakani.

The new logo consists of a simple yet modern look.

The company also sports a new tagline of Future bilong yu, Money bilong yu, Em bilong yu!

Cedric Patjole