Mine inspectors undergo capacity building

Mine inspectors from the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) have undergone specialised explosives training as part of a capacity building program by the state authority.

The training covered safe transportation, storage, handling and use of explosives for blasting operations at mines, which are required under the Mining (Safety) Act 1977 and Regulations 1935.

Chief Inspector of Mines, Lave Michael, said the training gives the MRA a technically aligned, highly skilled and competent inspectorate team that would effectively deliver on their statutory obligations.

He said the training would further ensure that compliance is maintained at international industry best practice levels.

The training is an outcome of the ‘training needs analysis’ done for inspectors, which recognised the need for mine inspectors to be appropriately trained in specialised and technically targeted areas. This is to keep abreast of advances in mining technologies in PNG.

Every year, as part its ongoing efforts to effectively regulate the mining industry in PNG, MRA spends significantly to equip its workforce with the necessary skills and equipment. This will enable them (workforce) to monitor and where necessary, enforce its statutory obligations.

Michael, on behalf of the Mines Safety Branch, firstly thanked the MRA Executive Management team for its continuous support in investing in this type of customised technical training.

The two-day specialised training was provided by Orica, a global explosives manufacturing firm which recently commissioned its new explosives manufacturing site at Konekaru, located outside of Port Moresby.

Facilitator Mark Dowel, an experienced Shot Firer and Mining Engineer both in Australia and PNG, provided both theory and practical session where the mine Inspectors visited the Orica Konekaru Site.

A practical blasting demonstration was done showing the different techniques, using a variety of explosive products.

picture credit: www.globalmining.com 

Cedric Patjole