Lavagirl to host runway

For the first time, the PNG-owned Lavagirl brand will be have a Lavagirl Xplosion Fashion Show to show the journey of the brand as well as celebrate the fact that Lavalgirl is every woman.

The show will be on the 6th of May and will be a platform to support PNG-owned businesses that have been chosen to participate.

Manager and Creative Director, Annette Sete, shared that the idea and planning of the fashion show was on for two years and now sees that this could be the right time.

“So it’s the first time we will have a show that is ours, a runway that is our style so it’s interesting and scary that we wanted to do this ourselves. We have several partners that have come on board with us, to do up the stage, models ready etc.” she stated.

Sete shared that the designs tell a story that may be related to the growth, inspiration at the time because of an event, a trip and the notion of staying fresh or coming up with something that Papua New Guineans haven’t seen yet.

Tickets will be sold starting Wednesday March 28 and are going for K300.

Loop author