Lavagirl’s expansion to Fiji

As a registered brand, business and Trademark, Lavagirl is on the move with expanding in Fiji.

During the announcement of Lavagirl’s first ever runway show 'Lavagirl Xplosion Fashion Show’, the company is targeting the wider Pacific market.

Manager and Creative Director, Annette Sete, stated that to date, Lavagirl has 6 shops; two in Kokopo, one in Madang at the Divine Word University, and three in Port Moresby, one of which is a pop-up market at Vision City, called Market-Market.

“So we have recently gone into selling our products in Fiji. When we went to Fiji we had to register our Trademark as well. So in order to register in Fiji, you have to also register in UK as well.

“So we got registered in UK and we have it registered in Fiji as well and we are working on registering one in Australia market as well but in PNG as well. We are selling into third party at House of Mausio which is another local Fijian Designer. Michael’s (owner) things are going to be carried in our shop here in Port Moresby as well.  

Sete added that her social media pages will see changes as some designs are going to target the Pacific market as well.

“Fiji is interesting in that we have the support or following we get on social media, the numbers are as big a Port Moresby. So we are able to sell. We had cargoes going there that we sold out in a week. We have requests that are coming from Fiji almost every day. The logistics of getting things out to Fiji is a nightmare because the freights are killing us and all that so we are still finding our way around it but we getting products there,” she concluded.

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