Gumine procurement team established

The Gumine District Procurement Committee was sworn in this week.

It is the second district in Simbu Province to successfully establish its DPC following the swearing-in of its members in Port Moresby.

The five committee members, as required under Section 77 of the National Procurement Act (NPA), include CEO of Gumine DDA Daing Kil as the chairman, district finance manager Mary Banda, law and order representative Jacob Kaman, community representative Edward Kawale and women’s representative Augustina Gari.

Chief Executive Officer of the National Procurement Commission (NPC), Simon Bole, said Gumine has established its committee after Sinesine-Yongomugl.

Bole said the NPC Board has already set a deadline by June 30 this year for all the 89 districts and 22 provinces to have their respective district and provincial procurement committee established.

“This committee is very important because it is part of the Government’s focus of decentralising powers from Waigani down to the districts and provinces for effective and efficient delivery of goods, works and services.”

“As you can appreciate, K2.5 million is a big jump from procurement threshold of K500,000. That is the power NPC Board is delegating down to the district.”

Bole urged them to perform their jobs with honesty, integrity and accountability to serve the people of Gumine.

“Every procurement you undertake must be done in compliance with the Procurement Act.

“If you step out of line, the NPC board has the powers to dissolve your board and withdraw the powers given to you now.

“So use the powers given to you with care and responsibility to service our people of Gumine.”

(NPC CEO Simon Bole, second left, presenting the common seal for Gumine District Procurement Committee to committee chairman and district administrator/CEO, Daing Kil, to signify their establishment in Port Moresby this week. Witnessing the occasion is a commissioner of oath and other committee members)

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