Cancer Foundation's Trupla Man Program gets support

The PNG Cancer Foundation (PNGCF) Trupla Man Outreach Prevention & Education Program has received K20,000, from the BSP Financial Group Limited (BSP).

The Trupla Man Outreach Prevention & Education Program aims to encourage discussions about health and lifestyle choices among men, with the goal of raising awareness about men's cancer and cancer presentations.

During the cheque handover, BSP Corporate Sponsorship Manager, Amelia Minnopu expressed the bank's recognition of the significant health issues faced by many men in PNG.

Minnopu praised the work of the PNG Cancer Foundation in the communities, emphasizing the importance of awareness and early detection in saving lives.

She added that BSP's support would not only provide people with information and support to adopt healthy lifestyles but also contribute to reducing cancer risk in communities and the country.

PNG Cancer Foundation Executive Manager, Priscillar Napoleon thanked BSP for its continued support, highlighting the bank's ongoing commitment since 2019 to the foundation's core activities in cancer awareness. Napoleon acknowledged BSP as a champion-advocate in helping build a bolder cancer prevention campaign in PNG.

Napoleon further explained that this year's support from BSP would enable the foundation to conduct the Trupela Man program, including two public events and one school-based program within the next 12 months.

The program aligns with the Mausgras campaign, which aims to normalize conversations about men's health and cancer awareness by emphasizing healthy lifestyle choices and regular health checkups.

Napoleon emphasized that these awareness campaigns are backed by the World Health Organization's findings that up to one-third of cancer cases can be prevented through healthier lifestyle choices.

BSP's support to the PNGCF's Trupla Man Outreach Prevention & Education Program extends beyond the program itself. BSP staff also actively participate in PNGCF's annual programs, such as the Women's Health Awareness Campaign - "Pinktober," held every October.

The bank raises awareness by organizing fundraising breakfasts and encouraging employees to wear pink throughout the month. Additionally, BSP supports the Movember campaign, which focuses on men's cancer awareness.

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