Upgraded airport handed to APEC Authority

Airport upgrades have been completed and were formally handed over to the APEC Authority on November 11th.

The Jackson’s International Airport will be fully operational beginning today, November 12th, and right through to November 18th.

The airport facelift began on August 1st and under three months, the Jackson’s International Airport now has a brand new VIP Transit Lounge with additional features like an arrow bridge, overlay of main runway and upgraded tarmac, fencing and parking space.

All these in compliance with international standards.

“We’ve done the work in 2 stages; the apron or tarmac facility; 100 percent complete, designed and engineered by Papua New Guinean engineers and we’ve managed to improve our capacity as well…the total work that has been done is 500 metres by 250 metres,” explained the NAC acting managing director, Richard Yopo.

This upgrade is the National Airport Corporation’s investment into their single biggest asset, the airport.

The two stage upgrade costs K65 and K80 million.

“APEC has given us this additional financial support that has seen the delivery of these facilities,” said Alfred Manase, Minister for Civil Aviation.

APEC Minister Justin Tkatchenko expressed satisfaction, describing the facelift as high in standard and quality.

“With the contractors working 24/7, the job has been done to a total, professional and quality standard,” Minister Tkatchenko said.

Carolyn Ure