High levels of violence against children revealed

Launched locally at a high-profile event in Port Moresby, the ‘Unseen and Unsafe: Underinvestment in Ending Violence Against Children in the Pacific and Timor-Leste’ report shows that over 70 percent or 4 million children across eight countries experience violent discipline at home, including 2.8 million (75 percent of the child population) in Papua New Guinea.

Workshop on response to violence

Melissa Alvarado, Regional representative of UN Women, said Papua New Guinea becomes the 10th country to hold a multi-sectoral meeting to discuss multi-sectoral services in responding to violence against women and girls in Papua New Guinea.

She said statistics has it that at least one in three girls in PNG experience violence of some form daily.

To take the workshop forward, important objectives were presented as follows:


SDA church speaks out against violence

Leader of the church in Papua New Guinea, Pastor Kepsie Elodo, made the call in light of increasing media reports of violence against women and children, especially girls.

“We, the Seventh-Day Adventist church, speak up and join with others to bring an end to violence against women and girls,” Pr Elodo said.

He added that global statistics indicated that in all societies, women and girls were more frequently the victims of violence.

Governor pledges to eliminate violence

This is part of Governor Parkop’s six-point strategic action plan for NCD, which includes upgrading of settlements to suburbs, modernisation of Motu Koita villages, the improvement of health and education, a clean and healthy city and the improvements of suburbs to include affordable housing and access to basic amenities such as water and electricity.

Policeman dismissed over alleged wife bashing

The policeman, Constable Andy Kaivi, was arrested and charged under Section 20 of the Family Protection Act after his wife, who is also a policewoman, reported that he had been constantly harassing, abusing, threatening and assaulting her.

Kaivi was alleged to have assaulted his wife on December 7 last year at about 7am at the Red Sea Police barracks at Bomana.

Police allege Kaivi, aged 34 from Wosera-Gawi, East Sepik Province, committed this offence whilst he was under the influence of alcohol.

Children get traumatised in violent homes: Magistrate

Senior Magistrate, Albert Daniels, said: “If you are a dad, I want you to know that if your daughter has seen you violently behaving towards her mum, she doesn’t trust you anymore to look after her.

“If your son has seen you violent towards his mum, he has experienced trauma too, it will show when he grows into an adult and follows your example. So think about how your actions today will affect the future,” he said.

Former MP blamed for Gembogl violence

Disgruntled elements damaged properties during an electorate wide peace reconciliation program.

Chairman William Gogl Onguglo claims the destruction was carried out by supporters of the former Member for Kundiawa-Gembogl.

“What was more irresponsible was the burning of public properties, paid for by public funds for the people of the electorate.

PNG joins global event today

The activation event, led by the National Department of Education and hosted by Jubilee Catholic Secondary School (JCSS) in Port Moresby, is facilitated by UNICEF as part of lead-up activities to the launch of the global campaign that will take place in January 2019.

“Youth engagement is at the heart of this activation. We want to solicit young people’s input to create a global outcry that violence should not be an everyday lesson,” UNICEF Representative, David Mcloughlin said.

PM rebukes weekend violence

A confrontation between the army and members of the public ensued in Port Moresby over the weekend.

The tensions were a result of a car accident involving some soldiers, which escalated after they were attacked by the public, resulting in one soldier being hospitalised and another succumbing to his injuries on Saturday night.

In a statement, PM O’Neill said: “Any dispute should be settled by relevant legal authorities, and under no circumstances should groups take the law into their own hands.

UN in PNG condemns violence against journalists

It is calling on authorities to undertake prompt and effective investigations into the matter.

“A free, uncensored and unhindered media is the cornerstone of a democratic society, and we stand against violence against the media, in any form,” said UN Resident Coordinator in PNG, Gianluca Rampolla.

“The media should be able to operate without fear or favour, and enjoy media freedom as a basic human right as enshrined in the Constitution of Papua New Guinea and the International Human Rights Conventions which PNG has ratified.”