Enga Province

Enga inks deal with teachers’ university

Under the partnership, a four year degree program in secondary teachers’ training will be provided.

The MoA was signed in Wabag on Friday.

It was a milestone event held at the Wabag Primary School.

Cultural dancing and singing was on display to welcome dignitaries from the Enga Provincial Government, University of Goroka, Department of High Education, and provincial and local level government officials.

Subsidised air travel for remote Enga

Noting the high costs of remote area aviation services, BNL has provided funding to allow for up to a year of significant price reductions for travel to and from the rural airstrips on MAF aircraft within Enga Province. Two months into the year-long subsidy scheme, there has been enthusiastic uptake by the remote communities.

Over 30,000 people to benefit from electrification project

Peter O’Neill addressed locals and stressed that good leadership and cooperation can only see these vital projects come to fruition.

Diplomatic representatives of Japan, New Zealand, Australia and the United States accompanied the Prime Minister, the Governor for Enga and other state ministers, most of whom are local MPs of the province – to launch the project, where an overwhelming welcome to Tsak Valley was displayed for the guests.

Tsak Valley, in Wapenamanda, Enga Province, is where the K5.2 billion rural electrification program starts.

Maintenance work on Porgera bridge

This week the Porgera miner carried out maintenance work on the Aipulungu Bridge – one of the two bridges that connect Paiam Township to Porgera Station and the Porgera Gold Mine.

The PJV roadworks team on February 23rd removed the damaged bridge deck planks on the Bailey Double Single Reinforced – 7 Bay bridge, removed damaged stringers, and placed new stringers followed by the new deck planks before reopening the bridge to motorists.

Senior Engineer Josiah Kunai said the maintenance work was carried out after an inspection of the bridge by the PJV team.

Law enforcers urged to maintain discipline amid tensions

With a lot of law and order issues, especially from tribal fighting taking place in the province, PPC Chief Superintendent Joseph Tondop said this festive season has been challenging.

Enga province has had its fair share of law and order issues, from mass killings to ethnic violent tensions, and now issues near the Porgera gold mine area, where illegal miners threaten workers’ safety.

Second roadblock set up along highway

Earlier this morning, the Yakuman tribe dug up a section of the Highlands Highway in protest over the removal of a semitrailer that was involved in an accident, where eight young men had died.

Of the eight, six were from the Yakuman tribe, while two were from the Maini tribe of Pausa.

Locals at Pausa have now used a semitrailer to block off the highway, only allowing selected vehicles to pass.

Fraud team arrests Engan man

Pengal Isaac, 34, was arrested on the 19th of July in Port Moresby.

It is alleged between the 1st of July 2018 and 18 July 2018, he was employed by OM Holdings Limited as admin officer.

His responsibility involved preparing timesheets and assist the camp manager in any administrative roles.

During the period in question, Isaac falsely did timesheets for two former employees of the company who had left a year ago. 

He submitted the timesheets for K1,268 to the payroll section for payment.  

Tribal fighting erupts again

Provincial Police Commander, George Kakas, said the fighting subsided last Wednesday when Enga’s Mobile Squad (MS11) withdrew from Southern Highlands with a section of military personnel stationed at strategic locations on the border of the two warring tribes. 

On Monday, the peace and good order committee, escorted by police, visited both tribes to foster peace agreements, but one tribe refused.

This morning, PPC Kakas said fighting erupted again with the Kii tribe launching an attack on the Kala tribe.

Stop tribal fights, embrace coffee: Ipatas

“We must embrace this gesture in the form of coffee funding rehabilitation and stop tribal fights so more or similar assistance can come into the province.”

Sir Peter also urged his people to work together, invest their time in income generating ventures and more young people to take on initiatives such as this coffee project.

The governor was officiating at the launching of a tool and material distribution ceremony held at Winikos Village in Kompiam District on Wednesday, 21 February. It was attended by over 2,000 people.

Magnitude 6 aftershock rattles Highlands region

Emanating closer to Porgera, Enga Province, the quake was picked up by the Rabaul Volcanological Observatory’s Manam station in Madang Province.

An official from the RVO told Loop PNG that aftershocks are smaller earthquakes that occur after a previous main earthquake.

“The tectonic plate is just settling back into its position,” explained the RVO.

“Our Manam station picked it up because it was of a larger magnitude.

“Based on experience, aftershocks will continue for at least 5 days.”