PM rebukes weekend violence

A confrontation between the army and members of the public ensued in Port Moresby over the weekend.

The tensions were a result of a car accident involving some soldiers, which escalated after they were attacked by the public, resulting in one soldier being hospitalised and another succumbing to his injuries on Saturday night.

In a statement, PM O’Neill said: “Any dispute should be settled by relevant legal authorities, and under no circumstances should groups take the law into their own hands.

UN in PNG condemns violence against journalists

It is calling on authorities to undertake prompt and effective investigations into the matter.

“A free, uncensored and unhindered media is the cornerstone of a democratic society, and we stand against violence against the media, in any form,” said UN Resident Coordinator in PNG, Gianluca Rampolla.

“The media should be able to operate without fear or favour, and enjoy media freedom as a basic human right as enshrined in the Constitution of Papua New Guinea and the International Human Rights Conventions which PNG has ratified.”

Churches unite against violence

These pastors are currently in a press conference today in Port Moresby, spelling out the roots of this evil practice and how churches can fight it.

Chairman of Body of Christ, Pastor Joseph Walters says sorcery is a spiritual belief, therefore it must be addressed spiritually.

All pastors are adamant to form a united front to go into spiritual warfare to fight the practice of sorcery and sorcery related accusations and violence.

High rates of violence confirmed in new report

The Lae-based NGO runs a Case Management Centre (CMC) to assist survivors of family and sexual violence access the services they need.

Since commencing operation in 2014, Femili PNG has been collecting data on their clients and their needs.   

A report covering the first two years of their operations was released last Friday, December 15.

The report shows that Femili PNG assisted over 900 people; 93 percent were female and 18 percent were children.

The mother of abuse

This would be a more simplified definition of the term ‘violence’.

A human rights workshop held this morning at the American Corner in the National Library called the #Men&BoysToo highlights men also being victims and subjected to gender-based violence in the country.

The workshop coincides with the World Human Rights day activities observed worldwide and is for interested individuals, human rights activists and advocates as well as men and boys who have experienced domestic and sexual violence and abuse.

Hundreds walk against violence

This is the effort in the nation's capital.

The usual yoga for life and walk for life platform has been used time and again to push messages such as this.

The walk started at Murray Barracks at 5am today.

Wearing maroon and holding placards to end violence, the walk continued onto the freeway, down Poreporena highway to Sir Hubert Murray Stadium where a stage was set up.

The main program started there with entertainment and speeches, while a minute of silence was observed to remember those who had lost their lives as a result of violence.

Candidates urged to control violence

He said this following continued clashes in Mendi, allegedly by supporters of Powi and Kobol, which have resulted in several deaths and destruction of property.

In a statement, Baki said ongoing fights and killings are not solutions for election related disputes.

“Leaders must take ownership of the situation and actively and positively contribute towards peace and normalcy,” said Baki.

VIDEO: EHP Violence

This was the result of a fight between supporters of the sitting MP, Robert Atiyafa and villagers who reside near the town. 


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GBV Strategy clarifies role for development partners

Australian High Commission Counsellor, Susan Ferguson says the strategy will clarify their role and what Australia can do to continue to provide support to the government to eradicate GBV.

Ferguson said the strategy also identifies the many different ways that they can work together in partnership across the different sectors to provide support services for survivors of violence.

Ferguson acknowledged the incredible work happening in PNG to address GBV.

DfCDR plays key role in coordinating GBV Strategy

The National Strategy to prevent and Respond to GBV 2016-2025 was officially launched by Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development Delilah Gore on Friday, March 24 in Port Moresby.

The strategy aims to strengthen the work on GBV in order to achieve zero-tolerance towards GBV by 2025 and as per PNG Vision 2050.

Secretary for Community Development and Religion, Anna Solomon said the department will ensure all mechanisms and processes are established to coordinate quality implementation of this strategy.