Pangu Pati

Basil, Samb reelected to lead PANGU

The election of his deputy and Goilala MP William Samb was also nullified.

The decision was made in favour of Pangu Pati president Patrick Pundao who sought the ruling in his submission via his lawyer Justin Isaac.

However, both were re-elected to lead the party.

The court had ordered for a re-election facilitated by the registrar of political parties and candidates, Alphonse Gelu.

Complying with the court order, party executives and members convened at a meeting on Monday, October 1st, which was supervised and facilitated by Gelu.

Pangu intact

During a press conference on Friday, the Goilala MP and deputy leader of Pangu gave the assurance that one of PNG’s oldest political parties still remains intact.

On May 8th, the Pangu Pati Executive Council announced that it has suspended the party leader and Member for Bulolo, Sam Basil, from Pangu.

Pangu Pati executives maintain stand

Tovebae made these remarks after Bulolo MP and Minister for Communication and Energy, Sam Basil, made an announcement recently that the party president Thomas Pundao and Tovebae were sidelined.

Tovebae, in a phone interview, told this newsroom that the Pangu Pati executives are conducting business as usual and everything is in control despite Basil’s announcement.

He said the party’s executive council is supreme and have the last say, according to OLLIPAC laws.

Ignore decisions by ‘estranged’ Pangu executives: Basil

His statement follows today’s announcement by the Pangu Pati Executive Council of his suspension.

“At this stage, the only unchallenged authority in Pangu Pati is the Parliamentary Wing of which I am Parliamentary Leader. Until all matters involving the Pangu Council generally and the non-Parliament National Executive are resolved by the National Court, the only authorised statements on Pangu Pati matters are those sanctioned by my office – Pangu Pati Parliamentary Leader,” said Basil.

Pangu hosts deep sea tailings workshop

Pangu Pati’s Leader Sam Basil and Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu have been commended for organising an interactive dialogue on deep sea tailings disposal: The Basamuk Experience & Implications for Huon Gulf.

Speakers at the session were from Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture led by the company’s head of external affairs, David Wissink, Dr Grant Batterham and David Gwyther, who presented preliminary research findings arguing the safety of submarine disposal of tailings.

VIDEO: Pangu in Court

This follows an urgent application filed by expelled Pangu Party President, Patrick Pundau seeking Stay Orders to restrain all Pangu executives from conducting any business until a substantive matter, also before the National Court is dealt with.


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VIDEO: More PANGU MPs join government side

Three more MPs have joined party leader Sam Basil in the government side.

They are Markham MP Koni Iguan, Finschhafen MP, Reinbo Paita and Raikos MP Peter Sapia.


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Basil clarifies move to Government

He said politicians legislate and empower law enforcement agencies while the law enforcers’ duty must be to enforce the law without fear or favour.

“We must not have institutional and professional identity crisis in our respective roles. Politicians must deal with politics in the political arena.

“I have already said that Pangu Pati will support the Independent Commission Against Corruption bill, which has been outstanding for a long time – and we will support bills that will empower rather than disempower law enforcement agencies.

Sir Nagora expresses sadness over Basil’s move

Basil along with other 11 MPs from the PANGU Pati moved to the Government side on Monday, Sept 11, 2017.

The prominent Morobean leader said: “It is indeed a disparaging verdict on the leadership style, demeanour and values of the honourable Member from Bulolo.

“I say this because PANGU has a rich history and record of leading Papua New Guinea out of colonialism to self-rule and many voters around the country were happy to see Sam Basil, who got re-elected in 2012 as an independent Member of Parliament, take the reins of the Party in 2016.

VIDEO: Pruaitch on Pangu move

He said no lines have been drawn against politicians moving sides in the parliament;
However if and when this move is confirmed there is nothing the opposition can do and their decision will be taken with grace. 
He says the opposition will operate as the opposition if such a move occurs.