Pangu Pati

Voutas turns up for Chief Somare’s 80th do

Voutas travelled all the way from China to celebrate the occasion.

Voutas took over the Pangu Pati leadership from Bill Bloomfield in 1966.
He was a young patrol officer who had just picked up a degree in Indonesian studies at ANU at that time.

In the next few years Voutas became one of the founding fathers of the Pangu Pati and an adviser to PNG’s first prime minister, Michael Somare.
Voutas was a prominent, indeed an eminent, figure in PNG in the sixties and early 1970s – and then he was gone. So what became of Anthony Constantine –aka- ‘Toni’ Voutas?

Basil takes opportunity to reconcile with Chief

Basil’s reconciliation with Sir Michael was for what he said during a political impasse in 2011. Basil told Sir Michael to get out of Parliament as "he was a stranger in the Chamber".

 "I am very sorry for what I said and take those words back."

“Sir Michael is not a stranger in the House but we, young people are strangers in the House," Basil said.

Sir Michael in accepting Basil's apology was in tears. Basil was accompanied by Goilala MP William Sam.

Stephens commends young Somare for brave move

Many have commended her for making the brave move to the party.

Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) chairman Lawrence Stephens has also commended Ms Somare for the brave move.  

“From my few encounters with this young woman, she is very much an independent thinker and doer who will create her own footsteps worthy of others following.

“Of course she has the heritage of being part of a family itself part of the political process in PNG but this seemed to have strengthened her own efforts to find her own path,” he said.

Sir Michael farewells founding mother of Pangu Pati

He described her as a mother and guardian of Pangu Pati.

Sir Michael and his wife, Lady Veronica, attended the requiem mass at the Saint Joseph’s Church at Boroko today.

He said, “the late Lady Elizabeth was a pillar of support for her late husband’s cause to achieve self determination for the people of Papua and New Guinea.

“We were fragmented and not a united people in those years. But our common goal of self- determination brought people like the late Albert Maori Kiki, Cecil Abel, Paliau Maluat and me, together with Sir Pita Lus and others.

Basil sees 2016 as year to tackle Govt

Mr Basil made the remark at the Opposition’s Christmas party in the Parliament’s State Function room in Port Moresby last Friday.

“We all will come back refreshed in the next year and I am looking forward to taking the fight much stronger this time against the current regime for a change in government,” he said.

He said the current Opposition Leader Don Polye, his predecessor Belden Namah, Rabaul MP Dr Allan Marat among others were instrumental in putting in place the O’Neill-led government.