Pangu Pati

Duwang enters race for Sohe Open seat

Following a massive display of support by supporters of Gore numbering in the thousands and travelling in truckloads, Maureen quietly strolled in after Gore’s nomination with a Pangu Pati flag and a handful of supporters and witnesses.

Maureen contested the 2012 Elections in the same seat but finished 25 with only 598 primary votes.

The winner Gore finished with 2,826 primary votes.

So far three women out of a total of 18 candidates have nominated to contest the Sohe Open seat as at 4pm this afternoon.

The other female candidate is Helen Porari.

Dulciana/Kumasi Nominate

Daughter of PNG’s Founding father Dulciana Somare Brash has nominated for the East Sepik Regional seat, under Pangu Pati.

Her witness was none other than her father and incumbent Governor, Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, who was accompanied by Lady Veronica.

Dulciana nominated at the East Sepik Electoral Commission office with Pati Leader Sam Basil in tow.

Captain Kumasi nominated for Wewak Open following the nomination of Dulciana Somare Brash yesterday morning.

Pangu endorses Anjo for NCD Regional

In a media conference this afternoon in Port Moresby, Pangu Parliamentary Leader, Sam Basil, made the announcement.

Basil said he has admired Anjo as a activist by keeping the Government in check and believes that if  Anjo becomes a member of Parliament he will provide the leadership that will look after the interest of the people.

The Deputy Opposition Leader said some of the reasons for Anjo’s endorsement was:

Pangu Pati to align policies with Vision 2050

Pangu Pati General Secretary Morris Tovebae said this will differentiate the party’s policies from the other parties.    

He added that a cost analyse will be carried out into all key economic sectors such as education and health to better plan and budget.   

Tovebae said the five party pillars that will be taken into the 2017 National Elections are;

Coffee to have its own ministry: Pangu Pati

“Party leader (Sam Basil) made a commitment to establish a ministry for Coffee alone, turning Coffee Industry Corporation into a ministry because it is the back bone of PNG,” Party General Secretary Morris Tovebae said.

He added that the party plans to also increase budget allocation to the agriculture sector to K1 billion annually.

Tovebae said this is the message the party will take into the elections.

He was speaking at the National Research Institute Political Parties Forum held on Tuesday in Port Moresby.


Samb: Unjustified increase in election fees

Samb has come on board to support Pangu Party and Deputy Opposition Leader, Sam Basil, to challenge the proposed nomination and election petition fee amendments in court.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill recently confirmed his plans to increase the candidate nomination fee from K1,000 to K10,000, and fees for election petitions from K5,000 to K20,000.

O’Neill claims that amendments are necessary as elections were costly and the increase would assist Electoral Commission to generate funds in instances of costs in running the elections.

Pangu plans meeting to iron out issues

In an interview with Loop PNG General Secretary, Morris Tovebae, says the Party is still intact and is focused on next year.

“It’s a very crucial meeting that we have to resolve all those little issues and then we look forward to our preparation for the election,” says Tovebae.

One of the issues that will be raised is the appointment of special advisors to Pangu by Parliamentary Party Leader, Sam Basil.

One the appointees is Sir Ila Geno who happens to be the President of the PNG Constitutional Democracy Party.

Former Watchdog boss joins Pangu

Geno began his career as a police officer in 1968 as a detective under Australian administration.

He served 25 years in the force and bestowed the top position of Chief of Police in 1992.

After serving out his two year contract as Commissioner of Police, he was later appointed Chairman of Public Service Commission in 1993.

In 1999 Geno joined the Ombudsman Commission, two years later he was elevated to the top position of Chief Ombudsman.

Singirok warns about national security policy

Speaking at his appointment as the security advisor for Pangu Pati in Port Moresby recently, Singirok said Papua New Guineans have been marginalised and become spectators on their own land because of no national security policy.

He said national security is an area that is least known and comprehended by politicians and bureaucrats.

Singirok reiterated that national security encompasses everything about a nation and protecting national interest. However, this national interest is lacking in the country.

Singirok and Kramer join Pangu

Joining the advisors team in the party this afternoon were retired commander of PNGDF Jerry Singirok and renowned political analyst Brian Kramer.

Singirok has been appointed as political advisor on national security and Kramer has been appointed as chief political strategist.

Party leader Sam Basil when welcoming the two advisors said their involvement and contribution to the party will really bring change to the party and the people as a whole.