Gulf Province

Introducing new Kerema artists…

The ‘Kerema’s New Music Nite’ tonight at the Sports Inn in Port Moresby will introduce onto the stage artists from the province who recently joined the mainstream music scene.

These new artists include Brixie, Kol Zone, Sam Oeka, Mangi Mosyork, Alex Anthony and Saix Karu.

Oeka, famous for his Gulf Isapea song, is looking forward to what he says will be a big night.

“I have people from the village calling and texting, telling me they are coming into Port Moresby just for tonight. In fact, many of them have already arrived in the capital.

Polye concerned over lack of police presence along highway

Polye expressed concerns over the absence and run-down police station at Malalaua in Gulf Province. This was after his surprise visit to the station on Wednesday, accompanied by Kikori MP Mark Maipakai.

“The lack of police presence and logistical support to those police officers on the ground in the district is worrying. Development is only taking place in Port Moresby and other major centres while places like Malalaua are in dire straits.

Kavo case ruling on Friday

The expected ruling was supposed to be done today however, that was further deferred to Friday, May 27.

The Committal Court on April 22 ruled it was satisfied that there is an existence of sufficient prima facie evidence on the charge of misappropriation against Kavo.

What was returnable today in court was a ruling that was supposed to be made to Kavo’s section 96 statements or his response to the district court finding sufficient evidence against him.

Three murders reported in Gulf

Gulf police commander Silas Wayagure says that all the murders were reported before Christmas.

The first murder was reported in the Lakekamu area when a man was attacked by the brother of a man he suspected of breaking into his house.

Police report that the victim approached the man’s house who  he suspected but was killed by the man’s brother who assumed that the victim was trying to kill his brother.

Total begins drilling at Antelope 6

According to a statement released by the Port Moresby Stock Exchange, the well is designed to provide structural control and reservoir definition on the field’s eastern flank.

It has a proposed total depth of about 2,464 metres (8,084 feet) true vertical depth sub-sea and is located about 2km east-south-east of Antelope-3.

InterOil holds a 36.5375% interest in the well.

Total E&P PNG Limited has a 40.1275% interest, Oil Search has 22.8350%, and the remaining 0.5000% is held by minority parties.

Kerema girls try out for national soccer teams

This was part of PNG Football Association talent Identification program, giving young women the opportunity to show their soccer talent.

The program was run by PNGFA women's football development officer Frederica Sakette and national U20 assistant coach Margaret Aka.

Two stations were set up with three football activities taught by two coaches at each station.

Dribbling, passing and shooting were among the basic skills the young women learned before they put them into action with some games to close out the program.

TB screening facility for Malalaua District

The building which is yet to be opened cost K10 thousand by the Medical Sans Frontier (MSF) Organisation working in partnership with the Gulf Provincial Health Divison as volunteers in controlling TB.

Mr. Akita Korua a trained TB officer says this building has made his work more efficient because he used to conduct outpatient clinics under the trees but during rainy days the clinics were disrupted.

He said the building has a special area outside where patients can provide sputum on the spot to be collected by the TB Officer to be tested at the laboratory.

Man and woman jailed in Kerema porn crackdown

Gulf Police Commander Lincon Gerari says that the two were part of a group arrested and charged for producing porn materials last week.

The duo were sentenced on Friday afternoon while the case involving two other females, one of whom is a 15 year old, has been adjourned to the 5th of next month.

The other woman wanted in the porn case has yet to appear in court.

Meantime, commander  Gerari says that this case is the tip of the ice-berg as he says that it is an indication of a breakdown in moral ethics in the town area.

School pleads for power boost

That’s  because students and the teaching staff have been surviving on rationed electricity since last year because the current generator  is experiencing technical problems.

This means the students are given only 2 hours of night study each night and teachers also get two hours to prepare lessons for the next day which is inconvenient in providing quality education.

This problem has been raised with the Kerema Open Member Richard Mendani and the Malalaua District Office but nothing has happened.

InterOil spuds Triceratops-3

A statement released by InterOil today revealed that Triceratops-3 targets additional volumes north-west of previous appraisal wells.

“A potential tie-back candidate to Elk-Antelope, Triceratops-3 is about 5.6 kilometers west-north-west of Triceratops-1 and 35km north-west of Elk-Antelope” says InterOil.

InterOil holds a 69.0931% interest in the well and is operator.

Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp holds a 12.9032% interest in the well with the remaining 18.0037% held by minority interests.

InterOil will keep the market informed of material developments.