Gulf Province

Gulf marks World TB Day

TB officer Akita Korua says the purpose of the awareness was to educate the people on TB, a curable disease that can be treated with medication if patients are faithful and complete their medication within 6 - 8 months.

The World TB Day event was launched in Kerema town on Friday with the theme for this year, ‘Leave no one behind’, a call to everyone to take ownership of initiatives to stop TB in Gulf Province.

Rising sea level destroying fresh water well in Gulf: Councilor

Koaru village in particular has been hard hit by rising sea level caused by climate change and majority of the villagers have been moving inland to resettle away from the coast.

The village has a population of  more than 800 people and has been dependent on water from wells dug out from the sand over the years. It was recently that they discovered the taste of the water turning salty.

Continuous flooding frustrates resident

A senior public servant, who did not want to be named, expressed his dissatisfaction and frustration over the lack of proper drainage for the sub district of Kerema. He believes this is the main reason why Malalaua is always flooded during wet season.

“Most of the houses were built during the colonial era and have low posts so flood water usually enters when it’s a very heavy rain,” he stated.

“Malalaua is the gateway to the Gulf Province and just by first impression, it looks like a typical village.”

Kerema greatly needs dentistry services: YWAM

Dr Kiniafa is part of a land-based healthcare team that was deployed by YWAM Medical Ships for a one week patrol to Kerema.

In partnership with Kerema General Hospital, the team delivered optometry services, dental procedures and health education.   

“I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to expand my services to outside of Port Moresby," said Dr Kiniafa.

“A passion of mine is to also raise awareness on oral cancer, which is now the fastest growing cancer in Papua New Guinea.

PNG Loop's 5 @ 5

Program graduates 37 elementary teachers

“We are absolutely thrilled to have worked with our partners again to deliver the Teach for Tomorrow training to the 37 elementary teachers in Gulf Province,” said Dr Genevieve Nelson, Kokoda Track Foundation (KTF) CEO.

“These teachers are the foundation of the elementary education service across PNG and they must be supported. They provide education to children during their most formative years, setting them up for a life-long love of education.

“We are so grateful to our major donor, the Prime Minister’s Office and in particular, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Gulf police commander passes away

A close relative of the late PPC, who did not want to be named, told Loop PNG that Wayagure died of a heart attack.

“He went to visit a cousin brother at Silo village, which is around 12 miles from Kerema town, when he collapsed.”

The late Wayagure, from Eastern Highlands Province, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Kerema General Hospital.

“The body will be flown to Port Moresby, on a Gulf Provincial Government charter, at 2pm today,” Loop was told.

Uncontrolled buai trade concerns locals

Recently, more landowners have taken up the call for the Gulf Provincial Administration to control the flourishing buai trade. This follows Loop PNG’s story early this month on the buai clash between a group from Kerema and two highlands groups.

The fight resulted in numerous injuries and one alleged death.

Locals immediately took to social media, claiming the incident is a direct threat on the security of the people of Gulf Province.

Introducing new Kerema artists…

The ‘Kerema’s New Music Nite’ tonight at the Sports Inn in Port Moresby will introduce onto the stage artists from the province who recently joined the mainstream music scene.

These new artists include Brixie, Kol Zone, Sam Oeka, Mangi Mosyork, Alex Anthony and Saix Karu.

Oeka, famous for his Gulf Isapea song, is looking forward to what he says will be a big night.

“I have people from the village calling and texting, telling me they are coming into Port Moresby just for tonight. In fact, many of them have already arrived in the capital.

Polye concerned over lack of police presence along highway

Polye expressed concerns over the absence and run-down police station at Malalaua in Gulf Province. This was after his surprise visit to the station on Wednesday, accompanied by Kikori MP Mark Maipakai.

“The lack of police presence and logistical support to those police officers on the ground in the district is worrying. Development is only taking place in Port Moresby and other major centres while places like Malalaua are in dire straits.