Governor plans to diversify Gulf

Gulf Governor and Chairman of the Gulf Provincial Executive Council, Chris Haiveta, plans to diversify the province’s economic priorities.

Speaking at the official swearing in of the Gulf Provincial Assembly, Governor Haiveta said they will deliver a Supplementary Budget on the 12th of September to prioritise their focus.

The governor encouraged his team of elected and appointed members of the Gulf Provincial Assembly to be vigilant and smart enough to come up with realistic and practical recovery and delivery plans.

The plans should be governed by tight fiscal management strategies.

Haiveta said a review of all the province’s debts and outstanding provincial deficit budget issues is also a priority.

He stated that they will diversify Gulf’s economic priorities and focus on renewable resources in agriculture, forestry, fisheries and tourism.

Part of the Gulf Governor’s plan is to upgrade and develop district headquarters of Kikori and Malalaua and LLG centres with adequate power supply, roads, communication and housing for public servants.

Sophie Yaruso