Gulf Province

Gulf Province to back Hiri festival

This promise was delivered by Governor Chris Haiveta at the closing of the 2017 HMF on Saturday.

The festival is hosted yearly by the Motu-Koita Assembly to celebrate the famous Hiri Trade.

As Haiveta said, the trade built long-lasting friendships and marriages between the people of these two provinces – Gulf and Motu-Koitabu.

“The trade has an intrinsic and cultural value of our people which must never be forgotten and allowed to change with time and progress,” he said.

Governor plans to diversify Gulf

Speaking at the official swearing in of the Gulf Provincial Assembly, Governor Haiveta said they will deliver a Supplementary Budget on the 12th of September to prioritise their focus.

The governor encouraged his team of elected and appointed members of the Gulf Provincial Assembly to be vigilant and smart enough to come up with realistic and practical recovery and delivery plans.

The plans should be governed by tight fiscal management strategies.

Haiveta said a review of all the province’s debts and outstanding provincial deficit budget issues is also a priority.

COUNTING: Gulf declarations expected

Gulf Regional - after elimination 47

​Gulf Province starts counting

Counting for Gulf Regional seat started at 3pm today.

Returning Officer Ronney Havenggau said count 1 will be for the 3 boxes from Kerema Urban.

Counting for Kerema and Kikori Open electorates will start tomorrow.

Meanwhile, counting for the regional and open electorates are all conducted in Kerema Town.

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​Kerema counting this weekend

“We are trying to work towards counting on Saturday,” says Returning Officer Ronney Havenggau.

He revealed to Loop PNG that some parts of Kikori district are still polling.

Factors that have hindered polling in Gulf include bad weather, transport issues with choppers and the late dispatching of materials.

Locals damage police vehicles, ransack EC office in retaliation

Police vehicles were damaged, the provincial police commander’s (PPC) house was ransacked then set alight while the provincial Electoral Commission office was looted.

The incident arose from the shooting death of a young man by a police officer on Thursday night.

Provincial police commander, Michael Pake, told Loop PNG that a response unit from the nation’s capital, temporarily based at his house, was involved in the incident.

“They were asleep when they heard noises outside so they came out to investigate,” the PPC says.

Gulf confident of smooth polls

Returning officer for Kerema, Ronnie Havenggau, says the final stage of the preparation has been well organised.

Havenggau confirms that 127 candidates will be contesting for the regional as well as the two provincial seats.

He says 62 election officials will be covering the 152 wards in the 10 LLGs.

He adds that there are 243 polling venues in the two districts of Kerema and Kikori.

"We are using the 10 days designated to us to better coordinate the officials so as to cut down on unnecessary cost in the conduct of this important election process."

No disruption in Gulf

Returning Officer for Kerema Open Electorate, Ronney Havenggau, described to Loop PNG the atmosphere of the campaign period as being very peaceful since the start of the election process in April.

Havenggau confirms that the Electoral Commission office in Kerema Town has received its polling kits comprised mostly of the non-sensitive items.

Sensitive polling materials, like the ballot paper, ink rolls and candidate posters, will most likely arrive sometime next week.

Gulf Province has only two main electorates with a total of 151 wards.

​Woman candidate highlights Gulf woes

At the moment, Malalaua station is inundated by flood water caused by heavy downpour and over-swelling of main river systems.

Woman candidate running for Gulf Regional Seat, Maso Raka, says it is a great challenge, one of which she cannot do herself and that she is not ashamed to say that Gulf Province is the least developed in the country.

“My vision is to work with non- government organisations and people who are specialised in mitigating loss that rise from climate change.”

Race on in Gulf

Another 47 candidates have been nominated to contest for Kikori Open electorate and 50 candidates have been nominated to contest for the Kerema open electorate.

This brings the number of candidates nominated up to 144 in total.

Candidate box numbers were drawn at the Kerema Town Basketball court yesterday which saw candidates present pick up their box numbers.

An updated list of all the candidates will be released soon with the names of candidates and their designated box numbers.