LOs maintain ‘No Pipeline Policy’

Western Gulf resource landowners from Kikori, Baimuru and Ihu districts of Gulf Province are raising concerns over the silence of the provincial government on the development of the Papuan LNG Project.

The landowners say they maintain a ‘No Pipeline Policy’ but claim the silence from the provincial government is proving otherwise.

For the last 10 years, Gulf Province has maintained a No Pipeline Policy. However, the landowners are suspecting the silence of the provincial government may mean they are supporting the project developer for gas pipeline out to Central Province.

The landowners say if this is the motive of the Gulf Provincial Government then it is contradicting the wishes of the people of Gulf Province.

The No Pipeline Policy opposes the piping of gas to Central Province.

The decision to draw up this policy was made from lessons learnt from the PNG LNG project of Southern Highlands and Hela provinces.

The landowners reiterated that they are not against development rather, their decision is primarily for the province, its people and future generation to properly benefit from the multi-billion kina project.

With six months left before the Papuan LNG Project approval is signed off, the people of Gulf, especially the landowners, maintain their stance on the No Pipeline Policy.


Carolyn Ure