Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare

Morobe prepares for Sir Michael’s arrival

Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare will visit the province on Wednesday for the Momase Governor's Conference, which will be held in Lae.

And the Morobe Provincial Government is planning for the senior statesman to visit his old high school in Finschhafen.

Acting Morobe Provincial Administrator Masayang Moat said a parade will be held at the Morobe Administration Block by police for Sir Michael, followed by a day trip to Finschhafen.

Court: Removal of masks and totem pole unlawful

Justice David Cannings delivered the decision of the Human Rights proceeding filed in 2014 by Grand Chief Sir Michal Somare and the managing director of the Papua New Guinea National Museum and Art Gallery, Dr. Andrew Moutu.

The court found that the action by Parliament Speaker Theo Zurenuoc to restore, reform and modernise the parliament house was unlawful as it infringed on section 45 of the constitution and section 9 of the national cultural property.

Wewak flights full, passengers stranded

Most of the passengers were expatriates and government ministers traveling to witness the 80th birthday of Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare.

Loop PNG caught up with some stranded passengers who were from East Sepik. They expressed their dissatisfaction on the development in the province.

One passenger, who wanted to remain anonymous, said there is no development to show for in the province.

"We are happy that Sir Michael became the founding father of this nation, but there is really no development in the province."

Sir Michael will turn 80 tomorrow.

Stephens commends young Somare for brave move

Many have commended her for making the brave move to the party.

Transparency International PNG (TIPNG) chairman Lawrence Stephens has also commended Ms Somare for the brave move.  

“From my few encounters with this young woman, she is very much an independent thinker and doer who will create her own footsteps worthy of others following.

“Of course she has the heritage of being part of a family itself part of the political process in PNG but this seemed to have strengthened her own efforts to find her own path,” he said.

Sir Michael farewells founding mother of Pangu Pati

He described her as a mother and guardian of Pangu Pati.

Sir Michael and his wife, Lady Veronica, attended the requiem mass at the Saint Joseph’s Church at Boroko today.

He said, “the late Lady Elizabeth was a pillar of support for her late husband’s cause to achieve self determination for the people of Papua and New Guinea.

“We were fragmented and not a united people in those years. But our common goal of self- determination brought people like the late Albert Maori Kiki, Cecil Abel, Paliau Maluat and me, together with Sir Pita Lus and others.

Founding father cautions Sepiks of economic situation

Sir Michael said the situation will inevitably impact on them in the course of the year.

In an email to Loop PNG, Sir Michael called on Sepiks of both provinces to be mindful that with the cash flow problems experienced at the national level, there will certainly be repercussions in not just in their two provinces but all provinces throughout the country this year.

“Our social sectors, health and education, will definitely be affected.

Somare wants transparent dealing with oil palm industries

He challenged East Sepik Administrator Elizabeth Kaprangi to look into this matter seriously and act on it.

“I call on the Administrator, Elizabeth Kaprangi, to look into companies that are developing palm oil and other similar industries to ensure that their operations are legitimate and done in accordance with agreements they have signed with the various government authorities, both national and provincial.

Landowner payments ready for disbursement

“To date approximately K108 million in landowner royalty payments has been deposited by PNG LNG, into a trust account set up by the Government of PNG with Bank of Papua New Guinea,” BPNG Governor Loi Bakani said in a statement.

 “As soon as the Government has completed the process of landowner identification currently underway, all necessary arrangements will be made to disburse the funds to the rightful landowners.”

Loop PNG cannot confirm with the bank the total number of LNG trains sold so far and or the value of the sales when the story was published.