East Sepik

15th polio case detected

The one year old girl had paralysis of the left leg, associated with fever, headache and muscle pain and was confirmed to have contracted polio following lab test.

Based on genetic analysis, this case is linked to the ongoing polio outbreak in Papua New Guinea. 

To date, seven provinces have confirmed polio cases with one reported death. 

Congestion leads to increased crime: Maprik police

The town provides services for people from almost eight districts, including the Lumi and Nuku districts of West Sepik.

Hence the increased number of people at one time has created law and order issues for the area.

Police Station Commander Damien Linus is determined to restore Maprik to its former days – a peaceful and economical centre.

Linus said it is no secret that the rate of crime has expanded and taking up office just days in has not allowed him to go through the record and data of crime rates in the area.

​ESP counting scheduled for Saturday

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato announced this during an update on polling in the province.

He said there were a few hiccups such as the fight at South Wosera between drunkards and supporters of a candidate, which resulted in the damaging of a ballot box and the theft of a ballot box in Angoram, which was later returned.

As of yesterday, polling has been completed in some areas of the province while other are yet to be completed.

They include:

Wewak Open – 20 teams out of 29 have completed polling

ESP polls: Counting to be held in districts

That is the confirmation from Provincial Election Manager Kila Ralai.

However, he said the provincial capital, Wewak, will also be the host venue for the counting of ballot papers for the East Sepik Provincial seat.

Ralai is optimistic polling in the province will be completed within the gazetted 14 days, which ends on Saturday, 8 July. 

He commended the voting population for cooperating with polling officials in the first week of polling.

Teachers in ESP and EHP yet to resume

Teachers across the country are scheduled to resume this week by filling up their resumption duty forms in preparation for classes to commence on Monday, January 30.

Teachers in both provinces told Loop PNG that the education division in their provinces is yet to release the teacher posting lists.

They confirmed that the posting list should be ready by end of this week then they’ll be able to fill in their resumption duty forms.

Nothing to celebrate in East Sepik – Maru

“My independence message to my people is that if you are confused about leadership, we will not go forward. That is what we have been doing in the last 41 years.

Maru challenged is constituencies in Yangoru Saussia to choose change and become entrepreneurs to tap into business opportunities arising because of developments in the district.

Minister: East Sepik cocoa farmers have huge potential

He was speaking during launch of the Sepik Chicken, Grain and Cocoa Project at Yangoru Station on Wednesday in East Sepik.

Tomscoll revealed that rural farmers were the largest beneficiaries, pocketing 80 percent of the provincial income on cocoa.  

He challenged them to plant more cocoa trees to increase their income.

“Agriculture is the backbone of the country and helps (villagers) escape poverty by improving their lifestyle and putting money in their pockets.”

Sir Michael farewells founding mother of Pangu Pati

He described her as a mother and guardian of Pangu Pati.

Sir Michael and his wife, Lady Veronica, attended the requiem mass at the Saint Joseph’s Church at Boroko today.

He said, “the late Lady Elizabeth was a pillar of support for her late husband’s cause to achieve self determination for the people of Papua and New Guinea.

“We were fragmented and not a united people in those years. But our common goal of self- determination brought people like the late Albert Maori Kiki, Cecil Abel, Paliau Maluat and me, together with Sir Pita Lus and others.

Wife withdraws child sex complaint against husband

The accused is a man (name withheld) from the Angoram district in the East Sepik province.

He was arrested and charged with sexual penetration of his adopted daughter in Port Moresby after his wife reported the matter to police.

The alleged incident took place between July and October 2013 at Bomana in Port Moresby where the man sexually penetrated a 15 year old girl who looks up to him as a father.