East New Britain Province

​Township gears up for Frangipani Festival

Residents in the province are gearing up for a joint celebration that is expected to start today, September 15th, and will continue on to the 18th in collaboration with the 22nd anniversary of the twin volcanic eruptions of both Tavurvur and Vulcan.

The festival celebrates the survival of Rabaul after the 1994 twin volcanic eruptions that almost completely destroyed the Rabaul Township.

ENB shootout leaves one dead

The deceased (identified), from Kabakaul, Kokopo, was allegedly part of a 5-man group that robbed a mobile phone shop on Saturday, according to provincial police commander Joseph Tabali.

“Five armed suspects held up a taxi driver and directed him to the Zero Mobile Shop, where one of them stayed with him while the other four went inside,” PPC Tabali tells Loop PNG.

While the customers were ordered to lie flat on the floor, the men held up the shop owner and gathered all mobile phones, tablets and battery chargers into a bag, then tried to escape.

ENB commended for peaceful elections

“From the issuance of writs to the declaration of members-elect, the province has been trouble-free,” provincial police commander, Joseph Tabali, told Loop PNG.

However, the PPC made mention of a few law and order issues during that time, like the killing at Marmar village, Bitapaka local level government, where polling had to be deferred.

“There was also one bribery and impersonation at Duke of York Island and another impersonation at Gazelle.

ENB proudly welcomes Dr Marat

Upon his arrival, Marat was welcomed by choirs and singsing groups, where he was escorted into the main airport lobby.

He gave his speech at the front of Tokua Airport where crowds of people waited outside to catch a glimpse of the Open member’s arrival.

Marat acknowledged the students who were early to prepare everything for his arrival, adding that education will be one of the top priorities for his district.

Malaguna technical gutted by fire

The fire, believed to have been caused by an electrical fault, started from the principal’s office and quickly swept through the entire building in less than an hour, bringing into flames two deputy principals’ offices, the bursar’s office and the school’s main administration office.

According to a teacher, the fire started at around 4pm and by the time firefighters – arrived about an hour later from Kokopo – the entire two-storey building was already under flames.

COUNTING: ENB Regional progressive result – after elimination 15

Triumph Heritage Empowerment candidate, Sinai Brown, was recently excluded from the race.

The progressive tally:     

COUNTING: ENB’s progressive results

ENB man charged with bribery

Provincial police commander, Joseph Tabali, told Loop PNG that the local was caught bribing residents to vote for his candidate.

“The culprit was escorted to the mainland Kokopo Police Station on Sunday with ballot boxes,” says the PPC.

“This was a first-of-its-kind incident for the province.”

Apart from the arrest, no major happenings have been reported.

Meanwhile, Tabali says polling ended on Saturday (July 1) for the Gazelle and Rabaul electorates, while Kokopo and Pomio on Monday.

​Grandfather gets 39 years for incest

Identities of the man and the victims are being omitted from this article due to the age of the victims and the nature of the crime.

The man pleaded guilty before Justice Salatiel Lenalia at the Kokopo National Court and was sentenced to 39 years for two counts of persistent sexual abuse.

He was sentenced to 19 years and 20 years respectively for both counts on June 21.

The court suspended 9 years from his total sentence of 39 years, leaving him to serve 30 years at the Kerevat jail.

Local killed, polling deferred

On Tuesday, June 27, a 40-year-old man from Marmar village died from wounds sustained during an election-related clash.

Provincial police commander (PPC), Joseph Tabali, told Loop PNG that the fight started on June 22, a day before the campaign period was to end.

“After campaigning, the deceased, Beringson Paul, and his team convoyed back to Marmar village, sometime between 8 and 9pm,” says Tabali.

“There they started preparing rations for the final day of campaigning, June 23.”