East New Britain Province

​Pomio labeled ‘high risk’

This is because in the 2012 elections, people in Pomio, especially in the Mamusi Rural LLG, refused to cast votes and threatened polling officials, says provincial police commander, Joseph Tabali.

And the reason for that?

“They said there were no government services in the area,” Tabali told Loop PNG.

“That’s why I am allocating four security personnel to one polling team for Mamusi. Other areas will only have two or three security escorts.”

​No need for curfews in ENB: PPC

“Based on past experiences, there were no problems at all,” ENB provincial police commander, Joseph Tabali, told Loop PNG.

However, he is anticipating a few issues from Kokopo, especially during the counting period.

“Rabaul and Gazelle were okay during their candidates’ forum (during the campaign period). But for Kokopo, other candidates and supporters started intimidating their rivals. This happened while candidates were on stage, presenting their party platforms.”

VIDEO: EU shows support to ENB

The EU delegation was in the province recently, to open building facilities for the Gaulim Teachers' Training College, and visited with staff and students of Kabaira Vocational Centre in Kokopo, to share its plans in improving the institution's capacity, to meet the needs of the growing economy.

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​No coordination in ENB: Candidate

Unbudgeted spending and politically driven commitments drove the province off its development pathway, says Kokopo Open Independent candidate Edward Lamur.

He has maintained this argument on his campaign trail to educate voters.

Lamur and his team began correcting the issue by developing his home grown policies in line with the East New Britain Provincial Government’s strategic result areas, aligned to the ENB development pathways and Vision 2050.

For our children's future: Voter

Kepas Tika, from Ravat Ward in the Raluana LLG of Kokopo District, called on his people of Ravat and Ngatur Wards to vote wisely so their children do not suffer in the future.

Tika said mothers continue to die from cancer due to lack of proper medical equipment and most do not have the financial capacity to go to the Angau Hospital in Lae for treatment.

He says it would be better if such lifesaving medical equipment are available in their hospitals.

He further said medical facilities continue to run out of life saving drugs.

Leaders urged to support call to cancel all SABL leases

The call also goes to provincial and district administrations to take up the responsibility of protecting the people in affected SABL areas.

Customary landowner Anna Sipona from Malmal Village in Pomio District, East New Britain Province says every time they seek help and advice from the district administration and provincial government they get turned down.

Sipona said these government agencies and the local leaders are supposed to advise them on the right thing to do and help them get their concerns through to the Government.

People of Unung-Sigite SABL area cry for help

Promises by the Prime Minister to cancel the SABLs, stop illegal logging and to return the land to its rightful owners, as recommended by the commission have not been fulfilled.

Ignatius Matapia from Malakur Village in the Unung-Sigite SABL area says his people are still struggling to keep the logging company off their land.

“My people are defending their land against the logging company every day, mounting protests and building blockades.

Home is where learning begins

For Nicanor-Jose Berobero and Kayla Schmid at the ATS barracks outside Port Moresby, early learning at home has enabled them to spell, write and pronounce words very well in preparation for their formal schooling next year.

Their teacher, Diane Kawaneva, said early childhood learning is very important as it prepares them very well to go into formal education.

“Children as young as these absorb information fast and that is why early childhood learning is important,” reiterates Kawaneva.

Link PNG to fly to Jacquinot Bay airport

Chairman Sir Frederick Reiher made the announcement on Friday in Tokua airport during the unveiling of 'Rabaul' F100 aircraft.

The National Airport Corporation and the East New Britain Provincial Government signed and agreement on Thursday for the provision of technical advice which will be followed by a tender for the necessary airstrip upgrading.

The redevelopment of the Jacquinot Bay Airport is a breakthrough for the people of Pomio District.

ENB authority keen to support ‘Survivor’ productions

The office believes Survivor is massive in terms of the exposure for the province as well as the country and has expressed its support.

“We are excited about bringing Survivor here and we will do everything to ensure that nothing stands in the way of allowing Survivor to run their programs,” CEO Gard M Renson told Loop PNG.

ENBTA has reached common grounds in its strive to lock arrangements for Survivor to be in Kokopo, which will be the preferred base.