East New Britain Province

Kokopo district will light up, says Governor

ToBaining, who is also the Governor for East New Britain Province, says: “Since 2013 up till today, we’ve completed 40-50 kilometres of rural electrification”.

He describes those who now have access to rural electrification as being in the ‘front page’ as they are accessing power right at their doorsteps. 

“A few months ago there were commissioning of some of these rural electrification and again we will continue this year and 2017 and beyond to complete all the rural electrification in Kokopo district,” says the Govermor.

Rural ENB village gets new vehicle

This will greatly help in softening current transport woes of the people and rural farmers in this area.

The long base, open back truck was officially handed over to the chairman of the South Coast Transport Services, Fidelis Poiken, by Pomio MP Elias Kapavore, amidst joyous cheering from the locals who turned up to witness the occasion.

Kapavore told the people that he was appreciative of the wonderful welcome given and the singing from the Merai Elementary School and Nongia Primary School, including the choirs sang in the local Mali-Baining dialect.

Rising from the ashes

The young mother’s silent tears made tracks down her dusty face as she tightly clutched her baby to her chest with one hand while the other was clenching their small, hastily packed bag. She made her other two children hold hands and walk in front of her as they joined the throng of people who were fleeing from the spewing volcanoes.

It was the morning of September 19, 1994, when Vulcan and Tavurvur began erupting on opposite sides of the Rabaul Town harbour in East New Britain.

Tumbuans start off Rabaul’s Independence celebrations

 At least 200 people gathered this morning to witness the spectacular kinavai, which consists of tumbuans dancing on boats out at sea while a group of men stand on the shores, beating drums and chanting.

The kinavai is a representation of the Tolai people travelling across seas to reach East New Britain.

Women and girls made sure they were a safe distance away from the dancing tumbuans when they landed on the beach.

According to the rich Tolai custom, it is taboo for females to stand near tumbuans or dukduks.

Oil Palm Development planning pilot workshop opens way for dialogue

For two days major issues regarding oil palm development specifically in Sinivit and East Pomio local level governments were discussed, debated and possible scenarios on improvement were given by participants.

Deputy Administrator for ENBPA, Levi Mano in his opening remarks stated he hoped the expected outcomes of the workshop will be realised into guiding policies. He explained that oil palm is an introduced crop in the country since the early ‘80’s, and since being embraced into the province, has generated what he described as a ‘controversy’.

Kokopo undergoing K70m sewage system upgrade

Governor for East New Britain, Ereman ToBaining, says the Kokopo City Hall was intended to be an office complex funded under the Joint District and Priorities Board (JDPB), then later the District Development Authority (DDA) in 2013.

Governor ToBaining, also Member for Kokopo District, says however, since Kokopo’s status was declared as a city, a recent City Commission Authority Board endorsed the decision to change this building project into a City Hall.

APEC could attract terrorists’ attention, says Minister

Civil Aviation Minister Davis Steven stated this during the aviation safety and security conference in Kokopo, East New Britain, recently.

Minister Steven says this is a reason for stepping up efforts to ensure aviation operators, airports and passengers are secure, up to 2018 and beyond.

He urged the aviation industry to be educated and kept informed about the trends in aviation security to minimise such risks.

“Aviation security risks remain a constant threat for all countries, including PNG,” he said.

The story behind the George Brown day

United churches in the Raluana division of East New Britain marked the occasion at the Tungnaparau Memorial Reserve, situated in the Talakua village of the Gazelle district, on Saturday.

Tungnaparau is an historic site as it still holds the remains from unfortunate events of the past. The late 1800s saw the tragic killings of missionaries who came from Fiji, accompanying George Brown to this very part of the province.

Breaking boundaries

Surprisingly, this was a suggestion that the owner of the business himself made to banking officials in Kokopo, East New Britain Province.

It was only after the banking officials in Kokopo had brought this suggestion over to the banking authorities in Port Moresby that it was then decided that the use of eftpos machines in taxis should be allowed.

When addressing the participants at the BSP road show on Saturday, Jack Walom, the owner of Citi link Taxi Services, portrayed himself as an earnest businessman who would grab any opportunity to expand his business.

Vunamurmur women hail new market


At the ground breaking ceremony on Monday, the women showcased their meri blouses, woven mats and garden produce.

“I have always wanted to sell my mats but because of less space, I was unable to do so,” said Jessie Piniau, a member of the Vunamurmur Women’s Fellowship.

Now that the market is open, Piniau and other mothers facing similar problems can sell their items in a more spacious and secure market.

“This market will certainly help our mothers to earn an income for their families,” said Hennie Kanini, president of the Women’s Fellowship.