Cult activities emerging in district: Councilor

A local councilor, who wishes to remain anonymous for safety reasons, alleges this new group has been going around conducting cult activities with their leader, who is claiming to be God. The leader’s son maintains that he is Jesus Christ while a relative claims to be an angel.

The activity of this group is concentrated in a remote village called Enengave in the Wanuma area of Sumgilbar LLG.

The councilor travelled to Madang on Monday to report the matter, and is calling on police to go into the area to flush out the immoral activities conducted by this group.

Cult Movement In Schools Linked to Lack Of Philosophy

This is the observation of the PNG TSCF Graduate Network Inc, the largest Christian professional network in PNG formed three years ago.

The network through its student arm in the secondary and primary levels called the Scripture Union has been financing programs to strengthen students’ spiritual foundations.

Chairman of the Port Moresby Chapter Benjamin Ketegu said the network is using especially its first goal which is art and entertainment, to influence this change in the young generation.

Morobe cult group being investigated

 Morobe police commander Kaiglo Ambane told PNG Loop that the 2 women and 3 men were found wondering disorientated along the main highway.

The group were part of an alleged wondering group that was chased by villagers at 8 mile from their camp on Sunday night.

The villagers became disgruntled after some of their youths reported that the teachings of the group to the police.

PPC Ambane says that the group caught the attention of the community after they were trying to recruit members over the past two weeks.