Morobe cult group being investigated

Five people have been picked up along the Markham valley late Tuesday afternoon for cult related allegations after police were alerted by community leaders.

 Morobe police commander Kaiglo Ambane told PNG Loop that the 2 women and 3 men were found wondering disorientated along the main highway.

The group were part of an alleged wondering group that was chased by villagers at 8 mile from their camp on Sunday night.

The villagers became disgruntled after some of their youths reported that the teachings of the group to the police.

PPC Ambane says that the group caught the attention of the community after they were trying to recruit members over the past two weeks.

The man cult leader along with two of his main disciples according to reports is currently on the run while six other members are believed to have relocated to hidden camp site.

Meantime, a team of investigators have been tasked by Ambane to talk with the 8 mile community and track the other members of the alleged cult.