Sumgilbar LLG

Cult activities emerging in district: Councilor

A local councilor, who wishes to remain anonymous for safety reasons, alleges this new group has been going around conducting cult activities with their leader, who is claiming to be God. The leader’s son maintains that he is Jesus Christ while a relative claims to be an angel.

The activity of this group is concentrated in a remote village called Enengave in the Wanuma area of Sumgilbar LLG.

The councilor travelled to Madang on Monday to report the matter, and is calling on police to go into the area to flush out the immoral activities conducted by this group.

Local successfully alters plants’ genetic makeup

His beautiful garden fascinates travelers along that section of the road at Karkum village, in Sumgilbar LLG of Sumkar district in Madang.

Robert Batalo is amazingly full of smiles and a strong-willed person.

Although Batalo has never been to any agriculture school, he has successfully altered crops through his own style of breeding practices.

He has changed the genetic make-up of plants to develop crops with more beneficial characteristics. All these were done in the name of self-sufficiency, which only a handful of people in rural pockets of PNG master.