Technology a way forward for Agro

Mobile technology will directly impact both social and economic aspects of society, according to the Department of Agriculture and Livestock.

During the launch of the Government Agriculture Price & Market Information Services (GAPMIS), Secretary Dr. Nelson Simbiken emphasized that technology has a great influence on the country.

He said this will directly increase the volume of exportable agri-commodities through this value-added and inclusive participation underpinning the Government’s overall objective to increase export through increased production as envisaged in MTDPIII and MTDPIV.

“The use of mobile technology will directly impact both social and economic aspects of the society from the village level to (the) national level because of the wider mobile-network coverage. It will positively trigger revamped interest in agriculture which is likely to see (an) increase in crop and livestock yield including improved agri-enterprising within the agri-value chain.

“Many developing countries have applied similar models with great success. India, Indonesia, Kenya among others have used similar ICT/Mobile Technology through SME(s) partnerships with the Government to transform their economies.

“I can never be any happier that DAL under my leadership is able to do so with the development of GAPMIS through collaboration between (a) local SME partners to develop this concept to implementation mode,” stated Simbiken. 

Loop Author