14-year-old first-ever ransomware creator in Japan arrested by police

It’s been almost a month since we have been hearing daily about ransomware, mostly, WannaCry.

Now, there is a news about the arrested of a 14-year-old kid in Osaka Prefecture Japan for creating and distributing a ransomware. It is being said that this arrest is of the first of its kind in Japan.

According to Japan Times, the police hasn’t revealed any personally identifiable information about the kid considering his juvenile status. However, it is known that the kid created a ransomware using a free encryption software.

He even uploaded the software on websites overseas and promoted it on social media, asking other people to use his creation for free.

He also helped the users with using the ransomware which allows people to encrypt other people’s computers and ask for ransom in the digital currency. That’s what a standard ransomware does.

According to the reports, the resident of Tatatsuki confessed that he created the computer hacking software on January 6 and his computer was confiscated during a house search in April. It took him about three days to create the ransomware, he told the investigators. The ransomware has been downloaded more than 100 times.

There are no known reports of any financial loss related to the ransomware. However, the sources said that the people who downloaded the software might be charged for “violating the law on acquiring electromagnetic records by illegal command.”

The report of this arrest follows after the massive cyber attack caused by the WannaCry ransomware, an alleged offspring of the NSA hacking tools, affecting millions of devices across the globe.