Security measures

Draft amendments to Criminal Code Act

The amendments, currently being drafted by the Minister for Internal Security, MP Peter Tsiamalili Jr and Commissioner of Police, David Manning, seek to empower law enforcement agencies with increased capabilities to tackle domestic terrorist activities.

The proposed amendments to the Criminal Code Act are part of Papua New Guinea's efforts to confront the growing threat posed by domestic terrorism. Establish penalties for these offenses, and grant explicit powers for investigating and responding to such acts.

Security of enrolment agents a challenge

This follows the deployment of 810 enrolment agents earlier this week for the biggest roll update to be done in the Nation’s Capital.

NCD Election Manager, Terrence Hetinu, says his team is faced with many obstacle and challenges to get this exercise going.

“Security is one of the main priorities for the enrolment agents whilst visiting the wards.”

He says in other provinces, the cost is very low for such exercises to be rolled out but in NCD alone, it is quite costly. This is because each of the 12 wards comprises of 80 to 90 thousand residents.