Motu Koita FODE

FODE empowers Motu Koita community

The event aimed to provide an opportunity for community members to explore the college, engage in various activities, and gain valuable insights into the significance of Motu Koita FODE.

The open day commenced with a vibrant display of traditional dancers who warmly welcomed attendees into the Motu Koita FODE campus. Visitors were then invited to embark on a comprehensive tour of the college, allowing them to understand the importance of FODE, its operational mechanisms, and how they can enroll for the upcoming academic year.

Bank supports FODE centre

The bank is funding the Kokoda Track Foundation-administered FODE program and providing mentoring by bank staff to students enrolled at the centre.

The one-on-one mentoring program offers students the opportunity to connect with young and seasoned professionals across the bank who provide coaching, and help with their studies, assessments and to prepare for exams.

Building on the success of last year, students have direct personal access to a mentor who can guide them on their path to success and help them reach their goals.