Election update

Sinai gives election update

He said the minister for provincial and local level government affairs made this announcement.

Sinai said roll update is still a factor that is causing inconvenience in the conduct of the 2022 national general election which is still the same issue with the LLG election.

“Despite the inconvenience we have completed the ward records, we will get the electoral roll to print and do verifications on the ward roll,” he said.

Two reported deaths at Tewai-Siassi

When giving an update on the election progress across the country, Commissioner Gamato said the deaths allegedly resulted from a fight.

“It’s over land issues but polling is going as scheduled in some parts in Tewai-Siassi.

“Tewai-Siassi has three LLGs; Sialum rural, Siassi rural and Wasu rural, so this fight is in Wasu.

“Otherwise polling in the other two LLGs is progressing as scheduled,” he said.

Meanwhile, polling has commenced across the Morobe province in most electorates.