Dr Mathias Bauri

Great exposure for PNG’s medical team

PNG’s 13-member emergency medical team supported the mass vaccination campaign upon the Samoan government’s invitation.

The team, comprising of 11 nurses, 1 medical officer and 1 logistics officer, were all smiles when they arrived in Port Moresby on Monday 20th February.

For some nurses, it was their first time to respond to such a call out under the direction of the PNG health department. They said they were able to help the local health teams and treat as many people as possible despite some challenging situations.

PNG’s epidemiologist backs Samoa’s vaccination drive

Dr Mathias Bauri, team leader to PNG’s 14 member Emergency Medical Team responding to Samoa’s SOS to the measles crisis, is putting his weight behind the compulsory vaccination drive.

As one of PNG’s best epidemiologists, Dr. Bauri from 2009 has responded to in-country outbreak of infectious diseases threatening PNG, which also included the 2014 Ebola scare, the 2013-2014 measles outbreak and last year’s polio crisis.