Wewak to have new court complex

Kreer heights will become the new home of the Wewak Sub Regional Court Complex in East Sepik province.

A ground breaking ceremony will take place in Wewak this morning to commence construction works of this new Sub Regional Complex which will house both the National and Supreme Courts as well as District courts.

Heads of the Law and Justice sector including Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia and Chief Magistrate Nerrie Eliakim are in Wewak for the event today.

Grand Chief Sir Micheal Somare will also be at the event.

Wewak MP and Correctional Servies Minister Jim Simatab and Town Mayor Charles Malenki will also be witnessing the ground breaking ceremony.

The new court complex will be built by Gold Bell Construction after an agreement signed with the Secretary of National Judicial staff Service Jack Kariko early this month at the Government house.

The Court Complex will be built at a cost of K16, 716, 596.49 and is a national government funded project.

Sally Pokiton