Police “Cargo Boys” warned

During the launch of the Christmas/New Year operations, Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Robert Baim acknowledged police officers in the province for their tireless efforts despite challenging circumstances, including welfare issues.

PPC Baim expressed to Governor Ramsey Pariwa his deep compassion for his officers regarding the lack of resources, equipment, working conditions and overall welfare. He said this has also contributed to the lack of response to lawlessness in the province. 

The PPC called on the people of Madang to support police efforts in curbing law and order issues.

In response, Governor Pariwa acknowledged the challenges police in the province are faced with. He also reminded them that they are a law enforcement agency working guided by the constitution to protect and serve the people. 

The governor stressed on this point by targeting those police officers he labelled as ‘cargo boys’, that they are tarnishing the police force’s reputation. 

”Maintaining of law and order is everyone’s business, but it starts with you. Yumi raun na karim moni bag blong ol politician. Em mas stop! Yumi raun na karim moni bag blong ol bisnis man kam mekim bisnis stap, Em mas stop!”

He exclaimed, “We are a constitutional office! Noken bringim standard blong constitution i kam so low wantem bisnis. Sapos yu laik wok bisnis ok yu resign. That’s my challenge to you.”

Nonetheless, Madang’s regional leader has confidence in the new commander and has assured the PPC he will look into the issues that PPC Baim has raised.

Loop Author