Governor yet to respond to Madang petition

The people of Madang are still waiting for a response to their petition from the Madang Provincial Administration.

Following the recent unrest where 4 youth were shot dead by police whilst protesting the continuous harassment suffered by locals, a petition was presented to Governor Peter Yama on April 17.

“They never responded to us. For whatever reason, we are still kept in the dark,” spokesperson of the group, Kamal Naus, told Loop PNG.

“This is a big disappointment because we did our part in trying to calm the situation. We played our part by telling our folks back home: ‘No more disturbances, no more carrying knives and sticks around.’

“We told them to calm down as the petition was the only way to resolve the issue.”

Meantime, Naus revealed that the Madang administration is taking charge of the post-mortem and proper burial of four lives that were lost.

“Representatives from each of the youths’ village were called in to meet with the Governor and they were advised of the support.

“Autopsy is happening today at the Modilon General Hospital.”

A program is being planned for the funeral and burial of the four youth.

“But the bottom line is the people of Madang want to clean up the town of all the petty crimes that happen, the harassment that our mothers and people go through.”

(File pic of Governor Peter Yama and his officials after the handing of the petition)

Carmella Gware