Gov’t spends 30% of budget on provinces

The Government have spent about 30 percent of its total expenditure to the provincial governments.

Prime Minister James Marape told the Governors during the opening of the two-day Provincial Governors Conference in Port Moresby on Sunday afternoon.

“In the last four years, we have averaged about 30 percent of our total government expenditure to you at the provincial level. That is the indication that we are committed to assisting provincial governments.

“The conversation today is contemporary, it is relevant. What is decentralization in 2023?

“What are the functions of the National Government, the functions of provincial governments, and the districts?

“These must be clearly defined so we are not reinventing the wheel or overlapping our responsibilities.

“I want to give you all my fullest assurance. On the margins of delivering the next MTDS for our people, in the context of Vision 2050 focus range to make our country a middle income earning nation by 2050; I want to give you my assurance that this government is committed to ensuring that your calls for reforms is honored within the context that you are delivering to the expectations of our people.

“What is the provincial government in 2025 and going forward? It must be cost-effective; it must be our government’s delivery arm to our people. It must have the ability to raise revenue, so Waigani can be elevated to supervise policy directions and legislate,” said Marape.

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