Takis Aid Post Opened

The newly completed aid post at Takis ward in Lassul Baining LLG of Gazelle District in East New Britain, opened recently will provide health services for 2000 people.

The level-two Takis Aid post was built at a cost of K70,000 funded by the Gazelle Development Authority and was opened yesterday. The health centre will serve communities in Panarapka, KKCL employees and plantation workers with their families.

The facility was constructed by a local company, Atlu Civil Construction and designed and supervised by technical officers of the Gazelle district administration.

The people have struggled for far too long in accessing health services until now with the health services at their doorsteps it will reduce statistics on mothers dying due to birth complications and elderly people from curable diseases.

The Gazelle DDA is giving priority to the rural population by supporting them in agriculture, road infrastructure and small medium enterprise activities.

The Gazelle DDA has urged the Baining people to embrace development and work with the government to change the status quo of being known as forgotten areas.

The newly constructed road into the hinterlands of Lassul that now reduces travelling time from seven to nine hours from Panarapka to Kerevat to four hours. The road will complement the new aid post and markets.

This vital road link is the start of the Gazelle Special Economic Zone, which will see Lassul Baining as the industrial hub.

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