Families of police officers to be moved to Bomana

Families of police officers residing at the Gordon Barracks single quarters will be relocated to the newly built houses at Bomana.

NCD/ Central Commander, Sylvester Kalaut says a health inspection was done last year by the NCDC Health Inspection Division of which it was deemed unfit for human occupancy.

Kalaut says from the Police Headquarters, the state still owes the contractors some money.

“Once this is sorted, the officers will be moved to the houses at Bomana and renovations will be done to the single quarters,” says Kalaut.

He added the Police Commissioner has ordered for the demolition of the single quarters.

However, Kalaut says considering the number of policemen and the new recruits that come in each year with the department to still face accommodation issues.

Until such time when the contractors are paid, the members can be relocated to the new houses at Bomana.

Annette Kora