Community protests death of teenager

This morning, Police in NCD put a stop to a protest conducted by residents of the Okapa block at Saraga, over the alleged beating and death of a teenager by members of the police attached to the Six-Mile command.

Police pulled in on protesters along the Saraga road, stopping them from bringing the body of late Aina Jerry to the Six-Mile police station.

Before being met by police, Peter Gary, an anti-corruption activist, and relative of late Jerry said police must take responsibility for this death.

“Police how ol i laik hendolim na putim long wanem kain mog, lo tri mail o ol i laik putim go long funeral home, em responsibility blong state,” Gary stated.

“Ino sik na dai. Disla pikinini ino pikinini lo Mosbi. Em i just lusim ples long kam lukim papa na mama blong em last wik Wednesday, lo disla mun yet. Em i stap faiv days tasol na polis i kilim em.”

Details of late Jerry’s death remain sketchy, but according to his family, late Jerry and a couple of boys he was with, were allegedly beaten by police in front of the Koiari block at Saraga on Wednesday July 15th.

A number of Koiari block residents witnessed the incident.

Late Jerry is at least 16 or 17 years old.

He succumbed to his injuries on Saturday morning, July 18th.

Just before midday today, family and relatives of late Jerry residing at the Okapa Block at Saraga settlement, carried his body and proceeded with it on foot towards the Six-Mile police station, when they were intercepted by a number of armed police officers in over 10 police vehicles.

While they agreed to assist with calling in an ambulance to take late Jerry’s body to the morgue, they also asked the family to report the incident at the Boroko Police Station on Monday July 20th.

However, this newsroom was informed a while ago that a commotion ensued between police and protesters, resulting in four community leaders being taken in by police, and are currently being held in the Six-Mile police station holding cell.

One of them is Brandon Jacob, who was allegedly beaten up by police at the scene before being taken away.

Whether the four men were charged or not, is unclear, as attempts to get in touch with the Police Station Commander were unsuccessful.

Salome Vincent