CLRC proposes Civil & Identity Registration Independence

The Constitutional Law Reform Commission (CLRC) is proposing that the PNG Civil and Identity Registry become an independent statutory body.

CLRC Secretary, Dr Eric Kwa, says this is ensuring the institution is given the prominence to collect the necessary data on the country births and deaths.

Dr Kwa said this during the opening of the Southern Region Consultation Workshop on the Civil & Identity Registration Act.

The Secretary said the current Civil Identify and Registration Act is a colonial law which they have reviewed and contextualized to suit PNG.

He added the CLRC is also pushing to have the institution independent so that it can be effective.

Acting Registrar General, Michael Kumung, says the PNG does not have real time records of its population since the Act came into existence in 1963.

He said a centralized and systematic process is needed to ensure the data on births, marriages, divorces, and deaths, is up to date.

Acting Secretary for the Department of Planning & Monitoring, Konney Samuel, said the overall data will assist not only the Department plan but other stakeholders that need data for planning.

The Southern Region Consultation Workshop is the first of four regional workshops to be held.

Once complete a draft legislation will be put together by the CLRC for presentation to Parliament in February 2019.

Cedric Patjole