PNG Civil and Identity Registry

2.4 Million Registered For NID

About 900,000 citizens have received their NID, with an estimate of 600,000 cards are yet to be printed.

Registrar General of PNGCIR, Noel Mobiha revealed this recently during the announcement of Yangoru-Saussia District in East Sepik Province being the first to complete NID registration of its people.

He said that for the first three years of the rollout, only 300,000 people were registered.

Mr Mobiha said Member for Yangoru-Saussia, Richard Maru since taking office until today, the electorate has registered over two million people.

NID office opens in Tabubil

This is to progress the roll out of NID registrations in the township and Western Province communities.

To coincide with the opening, the Acting Registrar General of PNG Civil and Identity Registry, Noel Mobiha, under the Civil Registration Act Amended 2014, appointed Jeffrey Tom of Ok Tedi Mining Limited and Benny Gapi, Team Leader of the NID Project based in Tabubil, as mine site registrars.

CLRC proposes Civil & Identity Registration Independence

CLRC Secretary, Dr Eric Kwa, says this is ensuring the institution is given the prominence to collect the necessary data on the country births and deaths.

Dr Kwa said this during the opening of the Southern Region Consultation Workshop on the Civil & Identity Registration Act.

The Secretary said the current Civil Identify and Registration Act is a colonial law which they have reviewed and contextualized to suit PNG.

He added the CLRC is also pushing to have the institution independent so that it can be effective.

NID update

Of this number, 200,380 NID cards have been printed and issued.

These figures were revealed yesterday during a presentation to Members of Parliament by Acting Registrar, Michael Kumung, at Parliament.

It was also an opportunity for MP’s to register for their NID Cards.

According to the figures, 88,618 births (below 18) have been registered, 277,212 births (over 18) and NIDs registered and another pending of 57,717.

The figures also revealed that all provinces have begun except the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Jiwaka and West Sepik Province.

No NID, no pay for public servants

Minister for National Planning and Monitoring, Richard Maru, issued the ultimatum when announcing the clean-up exercise of the PNG Civil and Identity Registry.

Maru said all public servants must make it their business to get an NID card as it could be used as their payroll numbers.

He said the measure will ensure ghost names are removed from the Government payroll.

This follows the announcement of Tumbo Kumung as the acting registrar general of the PNG Civil and Identity Registry.

Identity registration system to be investigated

This is to establish the issuance of a birth certificate to obtain a PNG passport by Iranian refugee Sawari Loghomon.

Following the investigations, Registrar General, Dickson Kiragi, verified that Loghomon was not issued with a birth certificate with security features.

A National Identity Card, through the current PNG Civil & Identity Registration System, further verified that the birth certificate issued did not match the Birth and NID entry number.

49 000 NID cards ready for collection

The PNG Civil and Identity Registry office has confirmed that out of 100, 000 people in NCD who have registered for a NID card and birth certificate, 49 000 have been printed and ready for collection.

The NID card must be collected together with the birth certificate as they complement each other.

PNG Civil and Identity Registry Registrar General Dickson Kiragi (pictured) called on those who have registered living in NCD to enquire at the registry office at Waigani to collect their NID cards and birth certificates.

Upgraded system to deliver NID cards

Registrar General Dickson Kiragi in a media conference today said the new strategy will be fast and no delays will be entertained.

He assured those people who have registered but are yet to get their cards will now get it once the new strategy is  launched.

He said the issue of delayed cards have been addressed and they are trying to reduce the time factor  when the new strategy is implemented.

He added the issue is the main concern to them and they are working around the clock to address the issue.