​Baki reintroduces 2017 as ‘year of discipline’

Police Commissioner Gari Baki has reintroduced 2017 as the year of discipline and urged all policemen and women to uphold the Constabulary’s disciplinary values.

Commissioner Baki announced this last Friday during the pass-out parade of the Police Recruit intake 1 of 2016 at the Bomana Police College. 

“I expect all members of the Constabulary, including you all 242 recruits on parade, to uphold these values.

“I expect you to strictly enforce these values because our aim is to eradicate the rot and regain the confidence and trust of our people,” Commissioner Baki said.

He stated that the only way to win the public’s trust and confidence is to demonstrate Godly principles in everything they do, whether at work or outside of their working environment.  

He challenged the 242 probationary constables to work hard in the next 18 months of Competency Acquisition Program (CAP), to become fully-fledged members of the Constabulary. 

“Over the next 18-month, I will assess your performance and decide whether you should become permanently enlisted as members of the Constabulary,” Commissioner Baki told them.

He said this assessment period is critical because probationary constables who step out of line face the risk of being immediately dismissed and will not have a second chance to re-enter the organisation.

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