Royal PNG Constabulary 2017

​NCD police on high alert: Inspector

Inspector Mark Mosinakave said there is enough manpower to respond to crime alerts in the city.

He highlighted that only selected police personnel are currently on duty at the three counting venues in NCD.

Inspector Mosinakave said criminals and opportunists should not take advantage of the counting underway as police officers are always on alert.

This follows a robbery yesterday at a Stop N Shop Supermarket located at Rainbow, where a suspect was apprehended by police after robbing the supermarket.

​Soldier arrested for sexual assault

The 21-year-old from Mendi, Southern Highlands Province, was arrested last week. He was charged with two counts of sexual penetration.

It is alleged he sexually assaulted a 14 year-old girl on two occasions between April and May 2017.

Manus Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, told Loop PNG he was caught red-handed on the second alleged occasion by families of the victim.

A complaint placed at the police station led to his arrest.

The man is currently in police custody and is expected in court next Monday.

Lupari condemns social media claims

Isaac Lupari has expressed appreciation for the recent demonstration of police training that will strengthen police tactical response capability, and has criticised elements on social media who have sought to make misleading comments that are not related to the training demonstration.

Lupari said the National Security Advisory Committee has been briefed by Police Commissioner Gari Baki and will present its recommendations to the National Executive Council.

​No more Hela call-out: Baki

Police Commissioner Gari Baki said phase two of the exercise has not progressed due to, firstly, the Royal PNG Constabulary officers going into the election mode of operation. The second reason is funding.

“We do not have that many resources to enforce the call-out exercise in Hela,” Baki stated.

However, he added that the deployment on the elections will support their intentions in Hela.

(PNG Defence Force and Police personnel during their deployment in January)

​Baki dispels rumours of expatriates’ deportation

In an interview this morning, Baki told media that the five expatriates from the American-based security company, Laurence Aviation & Security Group, are still in the country.

They have been stood down from activities but they will remain in the country until the commissioner has completed the proclaimed process.

“15 more will be coming in if the agreement goes through to fully engage them in their line of work,” says Baki.

​American firm will train elite team: Baki

Police Commissioner Gari Baki revealed that the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary is currently engaged in discussions with Laurence Aviation & Security Group.

He made this comment following speculations made on an internet blog site over the engagement of the Americans.

Laurence Aviation & Security Group is an American based company that offers high-end security solutions to its customers globally, including the United States Government. It is staffed by former American military and police personnel.

Gordon Police take on housing matters

This issue has been raised countless times with the latest being early this year and even late last year regarding the housing issue for policemen and women that are residing at the Gordon police barracks single quarters.

The barricade put up this morning at Gordon police barracks came about as an aftermath frustration of a fire that had almost taken place last Friday in the single quarters.

Police families moving to Bomana

This move comes after a barricade was put up at 4am today to protest the longstanding police accommodation issue in the National Capital District.

NCD/Central Commander, Sylvester Kalaut, said has no choice but to respond to the woes of his policemen.

A good number of families have already made their way up to the Barracks to claim their homes and clean up around the houses.

"We cannot wait any longer so we are going to make the move ourselves, given the okay by our good commander to move in regardless," says the wife of an officer.

Risking his job with Bomana decision

Commander for NCD/ Central police, Sylvester Kalaut, told the frustrated families this morning after they had barricaded the police barracks gate since 4am, stopping police vehicles from refilling at the police fuel pump.

“Since the General Election is approaching us, the policemen cannot sit back and watch their families suffer like this,” Kalaut says.

He said they were told that funding was from the government and not the Police department; it was beyond the control of the police management and hierarchy.

Gordon's Police Barracks barricade removed

It was cleared at 9.12am after police personnel and their families, numbering around 500, received a favourable response from NCDC-Central Commander Sylvester Kalaut and Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi.

Kalaut gave the directive for police personnel to go to Bomana and forcefully occupy the new vacant houses built last year.

The main gate to the Gordon's Police Barracks was blocked off at around 4am today.

Police personnel and their families residing at the Single Quarters have blocked off the main entrance in frustration over their poor living conditions.