Enough pain!

“We’ve been in pain for far too long! Enough is enough! End violence today!”

This was the cry of the women who marched today in Port Moresby to end violence in the country.

The event saw the participation of both the Minister for Police, Jelta Wong, and the Minister for Religion, Youth & Community Development, Soroi Eoe.

This gave a good opportunity for the women to express their worries.

Eoe pledged his support to ending this issue. He also called for tougher penalties for perpetrators of violence.

Police Minister Wong said on their part, they are ready to impose the full force of the law on the perpetrators.

“We will action this. Men, women, children, whoever causes violence, will feel the full force of the law. No body – men and women, have the right to cause violence on another person,” he said.

In the meantime, he said they’ve created community policing and will be working closely with Governor Powes Parkop and the community development in implementing ways to ending this issue.

Minister Eoe said beginning next year, his team will be doing workshops on violence against women, particularly men’s role in it.

These workshops will be carried out into the provinces so men can take responsibility.