Gulf Music and Culture Association certified

The Gulf Music and Culture Association is thrilled to announce that the organisation has been officially certified by the Investment Promotion Authority of Papua New Guinea. With this certification, the Association is now a recognised legal entity.

The Gulf Music and Culture Association was founded with the mission of preserving and promoting the unique music and cultural heritage of the Gulf region. Through various initiatives, events, and programs, the association aims to celebrate the rich traditions of the Gulf people and showcase their talent and creativity to the country and the world.

President of Gulf Music and Culture Association, Alex Anthony is excited to receive this certification from the IPA of PNG, as he stated that this recognition validates the Association’s efforts to promote the music and culture of the Gulf Province, and will open up new opportunities to further its mission.

The association plans to collaborate with other organisations, artists, and institutions to create more opportunities for Gulf musicians and performers to showcase their talent on a global scale.

Meantime, the Association has plans underway for events and programs.

Loop Author